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Second Presbyterian Church - IV [Window Gallery]

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This post is on the glass windows..
When the sanctuary was rededicated in 1904, many of its arched openings contained simple windows with small, stylized floral designs by Howard Van Doren Shaw. Soon the bays began to be filled with specially commissioned memorial windows. Now, only the last bay on the north side of the church displays Shaw’s work.

- Nine windows made by Tiffany Glass and Decorating Company and Tiffany Studios span the years 1892-1917 and illustrate a diversity of motifs and glassmaking techniques offered by Louis Comfort Tiffany’s firms. Tiffany looked to get artistic effects from the character of the glass itself rather than by painting on the glass. He used folded glass, confetti glass, striated glass, and multiple layers of glass. Most of the windows portray Biblical scenes, while others have more stylized designs, and some are pastoral scenes.
- One by Healy & Millet, a renowned Chicago firm..
- Two by firm of McCully & Miles, another Chicago firm..
- Six windows designed by William Fair Kline for Church Glass & Decorating Company of New York, and..
- Two windows designed by Edward Burne-Jones for William Morris & Company..

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The two Edward Burne-Jones windows in the lobby tie Second Presbyterian directly to the British Arts and Crafts Movement. Burne-Jones was a close associate of William Morris, founder of the Arts and Crafts in Britain. Morris and Co. crafted these two windows from the designs of Burne-Jones.
- St. Margaret of Antioch, in robes of rich crimson..
- St. Cecilia, in blue robes, a portable organ in her arms.
Burne-Jones windows are rare in the United States; these are the only ones known outside of the East Coast..

Nave - North Wall ..
# N-1: Pastoral Wondow - Louis C. Tiffany
# N-2: Cast Thy Garment About Thee and Follow Me - Healy & Millet
# N-3: Behold the Lamb of God - Louis C. Tiffany
Only these of 6 stained glass windows are in this image ..
Others are:
# N-4: Angel in the Lilies - Louis C. Tiffany
# N-5: Jeweled Window - Louis C. Tiffany
# N-6: Arts and Crafts window - Howard Van Doren Shaw..

Nave - South wall ..
# S-1: Christ blessing the little children - Louis C. Tiffany
Originally installed in the First Presbyterian Church in 1893, and removed to it's present location in 1912 ..
# S-2: The Angel at the Open Tomb - Louis C. Tiffany
# S-3: Peace Window - Louis C. Tiffany
# S-4: Mount of the Holy Cross - Louis C. Tiffany
# S-5: Beside the Still Waters - McCully & Miles
# S-6: St. Paul's Preaching to the Athenians - Louis C. Tiffany

Narthex - East Wall ..
In the east end of the church is a boldly colored representation of the Resurrection. Below it are the five scourges or Arma Christi of Jesus.
"The Ascension" and "The Five Scourges" ..
The whole masterpiece, is made by William Fair Kline..
In "The Ascension", Christ is in a milk-white translucent robe, His arms upstretched, rises to the heavens ..
"The Five Scourges", symbolizing Christ's torments are entirely different in mood .. These show The Whip, The Crown of Thorns, The Cross, The Hammer and The Nails, and The Rope.

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