Thursday, September 3, 2009

Prairie Avenue Historic District - II

The Prairie Avenue Historic District was designated a Chicago Landmark: December 27, 1979 ..
It includes 5 houses on the 1800 and 1900 blocks of Prairie Avenue, along with three rowhouses on Cullerton Street .. Clarke House Museum [on S Indiana Ave], is also included as a part of the historic district ..
As such the Prairie Avenue Historic Distric includes:
# Clarke House [1827 S Indiana Avenue]- 1836 ..
# Glessner House [1800 S Prairie Avenue]- 1887 ..
# Kimball House [1801 S Prairie Avenue]- 1892 ..
# Coleman House [1811 S Prairie Avenue]- 1886 ..
# G Keith House [1900 S. Prairie Avenue] - 1870 ..
# Marshall Field Jr. House [1919 S. Prairie Avenue]- 1884 ..
# Three rowhouses [213-217 E Cullerton Street] - 1870-92 ..

Of these the Clarke House and the Glessner House are individually marked as Chicago Landmarks, and I've put their images in seperate posts ..
# Clarke House .. click here ..
# Glessner House .. click here ..

In this post the images are of some of the other survivers of this historic prairie Avenue District ..

William B. Kimball House..
Address: 1801 S Prairie Avenue..
Completed: 1892
Architect: Solon S. Beman
This imposing Chateauesque-style home with elaborate stone strim and mansard roof was built for the owner of the Kimball Piano & Organ Company ..

Joseph G. Coleman House..
Address: 1811 South Prairie Avenue ..
Completed: 1886
Architects: Cobb & Frost..
This brown sandstone residence built for the owner of a hardware company..

The French chateaus Kimball House and the neighboring Romanesque Coleman House [at 1801 and 1811 S. Prairie Avenue respectively], now serve as the headquarters for the US Soccer Federation..

Elbridge G. Keith House ..
Address: 1900 S Prairie Avenue
Completed: 1870
Architect: John W. Roberts
The last surviving example of the popular Second Empire -style on the Prairie Avenue .. This was one of the several homes on the street occupied by members of the Keith family ...
Elbridge was partner with his brother Edson in the family millinery business. Elbridge later served as President of the Metropolitan National Bank, which is forerunner to the First National Bank of Chicago .. The building housed a bookstore from 1974-78, then reverted back to residential use..

Marshall Field Jr. House ...
Address: 1919 South Prairie Avenue
Completed: 1884
Architect: Solon S berman
1902 - D.H.Burnham & Co ...
This house was enlarged several times throughout its history and was extensively restored in the early 2000's after sitting vacant for nearly 20 years ...

For more on ..
The Prairie Avenue Historic District .. click here ...


Anonymous said...

Great web site!

Anonymous said...

There are currently three houses for sale at 1829, 1831, and 1839 S. Prarie. It looks to me as if they are actually very new constructions behind surviving 19th century facades (similar to the Goodman Theatre). True?

Norman Carlson, Kalamazoo, Michigan