Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Old Town [St. Michael's Church]

St. Michael's Church..
Completed: 1869.. Most of the building was destroyed in the 1871 Chicago Fire, but the walls and tower survived and the rest was rebuilt within about two years.
Architect: August Wallbaum
Location: Old Town neighborhood of Chicago..
Address: 1633 N Cleveland Avenue, Chicago, IL 60614..
St. Michael's Church is a Roman Catholic church.. The parish was founded to minister to the German Catholic immigrants in 1850's..

St Michael's Anchangel..
Assist us in our battles against evils of the day..

It's website informs..
St. Michael in Old Town was started by the Diocese of Chicago to serve the many German immigrants who had come to Chicago. As these immigrants settled in Chicago, they moved into the area north of the Chicago River known today as “Old Town.” The Archdiocese authorized the founding of St. Michael Parish in 1852, and a committee was established to organize the new parish, which was to be located near North Avenue and Larrabee Street. Michael Diversey, a prosperous immigrant brewer donated a small plot of land at North Avenue and Church Street (later to become Hudson Street) for the newly founded St. Michael’s parish. With property in hand, the committee set about to build a modest house of worship. With the bishop’s consent, the new parish was named for St. Michael, under the patronage of the archangel and in gratitude for Michael Diversey’s land donation...

The church was one of 7 buildings to 'survive' the path of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, although it was heavily damaged. While most of Old Chicago's infrastructure was made of wood, the church was made of brick which helped it survive the fire.. However, only portions of the building survived, like the stone. The church was quickly rebuilt.

It's website informs.. ..
The task of rebuilding began within a week, and a wooden combination church and school was erected. The roof was complete in October 1872, and on October 12, 1873, the rebuilt St. Michael’s church was consecrated and rededicated. St. Michael’s was one of the first Chicago churches to rise again from the ashes of the Great Fire. On January 30, 1876, the five bells in the as-yet unfinished church tower rang out officially for the first time. The original tower bells had melted into a bronze mass and collapsed into the church building as the roof blazed. The new bells were blessed and dedicated and were named: St. Michael, St. Mary, St. Joseph, St. Alphonsus, and St. Theresa...
As the 20th century began, work began on redecorating the church’s interior...

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pilsen Murals [Hector Duarte's House]

Hector Duarte's House..
Address: 1900 West Cullerton Street, Chicago, IL 60608.

Hector Duarte was born in 1952 in Caurio, Michoacan, Mexico and lives and works in Chicago and Mexico. A prominent name in Mexican's muralist tradition, his paintings and prints have been exhibited at numerous venues such as, the School of the Art Institute, the State of Illinois Gallery, the Chicago Historical Society, and the Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum, and Casa Estudio Museo Diego Rivera in Mexico. Duarte has received numerous awards, including a 1995 Chicago Bar Association Award for best work of public art and a 1994 National Endowment for the Arts Regional Artists’ Project Grant.

Duarte's house is really is a piece of Public Art. The mural represents the struggles of a Mexican immigrant. He tends to use bright colors in the Mexican tradition.

In Duarte's work, one can often see the use of symbols and images that characterize the life to Latinos in the U.S, like images of corn, images from the Day of the Dead, and the Loteria game..

Monday, October 3, 2011

Cathedral District, Chicago [Holy Name Cathedral]

Holy Name Cathedral
Address: 735 N. State St, Chicago..
Seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago..
Completed: 1874
Architects: Patrick Charles Keely, HJ Schlacks, Charles Murphy, Joseph McCarthy ...
Architectural Style: Gothic revival
The cathedral features motifs meant to instill an ambience of physically dwelling in the biblical "Tree of Life."

The massive bronze doors has the "Tree of Life" theme with intricate details. The doors possess a hydraulic system that allows them to be opened with the push of a finger.

The bronze and the glass screen which separates the foyer from the main church. It was designed by Albert J. Friscia.

Suspended Resurrection Crucifix..
Sculpted by Ivo Demetz.

The lectern.. It features a bronze sculpture by Eugenio de Courten depicting allegories of Matthew [angel], Mark [lion], Luke [ox], and John [eagle].

The five bas reliefs behind the altar were executed in 1969 by Atilo Selva. They depict Simeon contemplating the baby Jesus at his presentation to the Temple, the mystery of the Trinity, the resurrection of Jesus, the naming and circumcision of Jesus, and Jesus dressed as a priest for mass.

Adorning the walls of the nave are the Stations of the Cross by artist Goffredo Verginelli depicting the Passion, Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ. The stations are cast in bronze and framed in red Rocco Alicante marble.

The abstract stained glass windows were made in Milan, Italy. The stained glass windows are dark red and blue near the main entrance and gradually turn gold and white as they approach the altar.

The Organ...
I found some interesting information from it's official website on the musical instruments ...
The entire instrument for the Cathedral was handmade at the workshops of Flentrop Orgelbouw in Zaandam, Holland, including the hand carved decorations, pipe shades and gilded facade pipes. The organ case is made entirely of solid French oak, quarter-sawn. Both the playing action and the stop action are mechanical. The wind system consists of three wedge-bellows, supplying a wind pressure of 78mm for the manuals, and 80mm for the pedal. The temperament is equal at A-440.The instrument comprises 71 stops, 117 ranks, 5,558 pipes, distributed over four manuals and pedal.

Ceiling details..

Ceiling details..

Ceiling details..

Ceiling details..

Chicago Architecture Info.: Holy Name Cathedral..