Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pilsen Murals [Hector Duarte's House]

Hector Duarte's House..
Address: 1900 West Cullerton Street, Chicago, IL 60608.

Hector Duarte was born in 1952 in Caurio, Michoacan, Mexico and lives and works in Chicago and Mexico. A prominent name in Mexican's muralist tradition, his paintings and prints have been exhibited at numerous venues such as, the School of the Art Institute, the State of Illinois Gallery, the Chicago Historical Society, and the Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum, and Casa Estudio Museo Diego Rivera in Mexico. Duarte has received numerous awards, including a 1995 Chicago Bar Association Award for best work of public art and a 1994 National Endowment for the Arts Regional Artists’ Project Grant.

Duarte's house is really is a piece of Public Art. The mural represents the struggles of a Mexican immigrant. He tends to use bright colors in the Mexican tradition.

In Duarte's work, one can often see the use of symbols and images that characterize the life to Latinos in the U.S, like images of corn, images from the Day of the Dead, and the Loteria game..


Lina Grigaitis said...

The mural is very moving!

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