Thursday, April 28, 2011

Chicago Cultural Center [Random Images]

Sidney R Yates Gallery..

Exhibit Hall 4th Floor..

Guilded Staircase : 5th floor.. I have got to take many more images here... soon..

I love the Chicago Cultural Center.. Despite photographing umpteen times, I always find something new I want to click... here are some random images.. of two light-fixtures, one at Sidney R Yates Gallery and another at the Exhibit Hall... AND a Guilded Staircase on the 5th floor..
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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Riverside Plaza [Bronze work at the entrance]

The meticulously detailed bronze work at Riverside Plaza entrance..
# Riverside Plaza..
# Riverside Plaza [Relief - by Alvin Meyer]..
# Riverside Plaza - bronze work...

Riverside Plaza - Reliefs

Riverside Plaza..
Completed: 1929
Architects: Holabird & Root..
Sculptural Reliefs: Alvin Meyer..
Style: Art Deco

Continued from the post, Riverside Plaza..
This post is about the relief works..
The east facade of the building, facing the Chicago River, has some very interesting relief work, tracing the history of printing.

The First Writing..

An Ancient Scribe.

Art, Drama, Comedy, Epic..

South side [East facade]

Above two images
- Pultizer & Bowles
- Medill & Franklin

Above four images..
- Center [East facade]

Above two images..
- Bennett and C.A.Dana
- Lawson and Greeley

Above four images..
- The First Press
- The Linotype Man
- Art, Drama, Comedy, Epic..
- North side [East facade]

Pulitzer - Joseph Pulitzer [1847-1911]
Bowles -
Medill - Joseph Medill [1823-1899]
Franklin - Benjamin Franklin [1706-1790]
Bennett - Henry Hamilton Bennett [1843-1908]
C.A.Dana - Charles Anderson Dana [1819-1897]
Lawson - Louisa Albury Lawson [1848-1920]
Greeley - Horace Greeley [1811-1872]

# Riverside Plaza..
# Riverside Plaza [Relief - by Alvin Meyer]..
# Riverside Plaza - bronze work...

Riverside Plaza

Riverside Plaza..
Completed: 1929
Architect: Holabird & Root..
Sculptural Reliefs: Alvin Meyer
Style: Art Deco..

Riverside Plaza was built by the Chicago Daily News for newspaper production, as such, it was previously known as the Chicago Daily News Building. The south side of this building serves as the main entrance to the Ogilvie commuter rail station in Citigroup Center..

The building is adjacent to the Chicago River and directly across the river is the Civic Opera building. The courtyard of the Riverside Plaza is aligned with the raised courtyard of the Civic Opera Building...

Riverside Plaza is the first building in Chicago to use the concept of "air rights" in order to build over a railroad right-of-way..

The east facade has beautiful relief work..
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There is also beautiful bronze work at the here..

# Riverside Plaza..
# Riverside Plaza [Relief - by Alvin Meyer..
# Riverside Plaza - bronze work...