Thursday, April 7, 2011

Riverside Plaza - Reliefs

Riverside Plaza..
Completed: 1929
Architects: Holabird & Root..
Sculptural Reliefs: Alvin Meyer..
Style: Art Deco

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This post is about the relief works..
The east facade of the building, facing the Chicago River, has some very interesting relief work, tracing the history of printing.

The First Writing..

An Ancient Scribe.

Art, Drama, Comedy, Epic..

South side [East facade]

Above two images
- Pultizer & Bowles
- Medill & Franklin

Above four images..
- Center [East facade]

Above two images..
- Bennett and C.A.Dana
- Lawson and Greeley

Above four images..
- The First Press
- The Linotype Man
- Art, Drama, Comedy, Epic..
- North side [East facade]

Pulitzer - Joseph Pulitzer [1847-1911]
Bowles -
Medill - Joseph Medill [1823-1899]
Franklin - Benjamin Franklin [1706-1790]
Bennett - Henry Hamilton Bennett [1843-1908]
C.A.Dana - Charles Anderson Dana [1819-1897]
Lawson - Louisa Albury Lawson [1848-1920]
Greeley - Horace Greeley [1811-1872]

# Riverside Plaza..
# Riverside Plaza [Relief - by Alvin Meyer]..
# Riverside Plaza - bronze work...

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