Saturday, May 22, 2010

Random Images

Perhaps the most recognizable and most popular Y-symbol..The Chicago Theater..

Sometimes I have enough time to go to places and write about them.. Sometimes I just don't have time!! This is one of the phases, where I can't seem to make time to update.. I'm sure it happens to everyone..
Here's a few random images, just to keep this place going..

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Birthday to the Michigan Avenue Bridge [She's 90!]

AND I join the buzz of the day,
She turns 90 today!!
Happy Birthday to the Michigan Avenue Bridge!!!

I met a group of skateboarders, enjoying the Chicago Riverwalk..
"The Crew" as they call themselves..
From left.. Cody Cepeda, Timmy Johnson, Soma Fuller, Marquis King, Eric King and Colton Perugia..

Two plaques on the opposite sides of the bridge,
mark the day Michigan Avenue Bridge was first open for traffic..
May 14, 1920..

Although the relief sculptures on the bridge towers were completed later, in 1928, but now they are an integral part of the bridge.. so I leave with this beautiful image of "Regeneration" by Henry Hering.. which reflects the spirit of Chicago..

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- Relief Sculptures: Defense, Regeneration, The Pioneers, and The Discoverers..

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Art Chicago, 2010..

Past few days, my entire focus has been on the 12th-floor of the Merchandise Mart..
for Art Chicago, 2010 [a part of Artropolis]..
Although the show ended on May 3rd, 2010..
But covering it demands still more time..

And then, there'll be a B-R-E-A-K!!

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Tracking the Y-symbol [Franklin Street bridge]

This is perhaps the best placement of the Y-symbol..
on the Franklin Street bridge..
Exactly where the Chicago River splits into North and South branches..

Another interesting place to check out the Y-symbol is close to where the Chicago River originates..Civil Engineering Monument of the Millennium..

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