Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fine Arts Building - I

Address: 410 S. Michigan Ave.
Year Built: 1885 addition and remodeling, 1898
Architect: Solon S. Beman
Date Designated a Chicago Landmark: June 7, 1978..

The plaque reads..
Chicago Landmark..
Fine Arts Building
Solon S. Beman, architect
Converted to Fine Arts Building in 1898..
Built by the Studebaker company for the assembly and display of their carriages and wagons, this building was converted into studios and theaters for artists and craftsmen in 1898. The renovation involved adding three floors and designing an interior that would reflect the interests of the new tenants. The interior public spaces, including murals on the 10th floor, remain virtually untouched from the 1898 remodeling..
Designated a Chicago Landmark, on July 7, 1978..
by the City Council of Chicago
Michael A. Bilandic, Mayor
Commission on Chicago Historical and Architectural Landmarks..

The bronze cast elevator doors and ornate clocks are buildings original features..

Tenth Floor.. These murals have not been touched since 1898..

Murals on the tenth floor, not touched since 1898..

Corridor on the tenth floor..

One of the Studio rooms on the tenth floor..
Meet Rich Lo..

From the tenth floor..

Fine Arts Building - II [Murals on the Tenth Floor]

Continued from the above post on Fine Arts Building - I..
These murals on the 10th floor of the Fine Arts Building, remain virtually untouched from the 1898 remodeling.. There are eight murals and I have posted images of each one of them..

Standing Nymph and Man
Unknown and Unfinished..

Greek Figures with Masks..
By Frank X. Leyendecker..

Nude with Veils..
by Martha Baker..

Nymph with Angel and Bird..
by Oliver Dennett Grover..

Woman and Angels..
By Frederic Clay Bartlett..

Woman and Angels..
By Frederic Clay Bartlett..

Four Women and Veils
By Bertha Menzler Peyton..

by Charles Francis Browne..