Sunday, September 13, 2009

Motor Row Historic District [Ford Showroom]

Ford Motor Showroom ..
Address: 1444 South Michigan Avenue ..
Completed: 1905
Architect: ???
The first Ford showroom outside of Detroit ..
It is said that when Henry Ford came here in 1905 to oversee the constuction of this showroom, be visited the nearby meat-processing plant from which he got the idea of auto assembly line .. The Ford showroom was very successful because of it's proximity to the Loop and the Prairie Avenue District. Other automobile dealers soon flocked to the area. The showroom at 1444 south Michigan Avenue has long gone .. However the building is protected against demolition because of Landmark status ..

Although the buildings exsists, the automobile dealership in this Motor Row District is history now, as most of the structures have been converted into loft condominiums or offices .. However one auto dealership still exists in the Motor Row District .. Joyce Ford ..

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