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Second Presbyterian Church - III [Interiors]

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This post is on the interiors of the church..
Architect Howard Van Doren Shaw and his painter friend Frederic Clay Bartlett designed every element of the interior to work together to create a restful and harmonious whole..

Tree of life and angels..
Frederic Clay Bartlett painted the wall murals. The large west wall mural depicts the Tree of Life, a rainbow, and a procession of angels with medieval musical instruments in the starry heavens. The Tree of Life mural measures about 40x30 feet. Above this is a great rainbow and still higher hovers a hierarchy of angels who sing and play medieval instruments. There are four angels located fifty feet aboove the floor of the sanctuary. The painted balcony arches depict angels praising and celebrating.

Baptismal Font

Celtic Cross..

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Baptismal Font and Celtic Cross..
The baptismal font was handcarved out of limestone by craftsmen in Florence, Italy. It features intertwining lilies and lilies of the valley.. The burnished bronze Celtic cross is from Iona, an Island off the coast of Scotland..

Liturgical symbols are found throughout the nave. The recurring grape and vine design representing eucharistic wine [the blood of Christ] is repeated in the ends of pews, the balcony railings and murals. Another prominent motif is pomegranate, emblematic of the Resurrection. Other symbols include linen fold, the thistel, olive branches, fruit trees, baskets of fruits and roses.

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