Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Old Water Tower

Old Water Tower..
Completed: 1869
Architect: W. W. Boyington..
Old Water Tower [as also Michigan Avenue Pumping Station] is one of the few buildings that survived the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.

- The Old Water Tower is part of the Old Chicago Water Tower District, click here.. which has been designated a Chicago Landmark on October 6, 1971 [amended June 10, 1981]..
- The Water Tower and Pumping Station were jointly added to the National Register of Historic Places on April 23, 1975.
- The Water Tower was also named an American Water Landmark in 1969.

The Chicago landmarks website informs..click here..
The Water Tower was originally built to house a 138-foot standpipe, which became obsolete and was removed in 1911..

The plaque reads..
Old Water Tower..
This water tower completed in 1869, marks establishment of Chicago's second water works. Although most other buildings of pumping system were burned, it stands as a principal memorial of 1871's Great Fire.
Erected by Chicago's Charter Jubilee
Authenticated by Chicago Historical Society, 1937..

The plaque reads..
In this centennial the Chicago Water Tower has been designated the First American Water Landmark because of it's significance in the development of Chicago's water resources and it's symbolic identity with the "spirit of Chicago".
- Richard J. Daley, Mayor City of Chicago..

The plaque reads..
This tablet is erected in recognition of the outstanding services to the city of Chicago given by Dewitt Clinton Cregier
Engineer of Chicago Avenue Pumping Station: 1853-1879
City Engineer: 1879-1882
Commissioner of Public Works: 1882-1886
Mayor of Chicago: 1889-1891..

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