Thursday, September 3, 2009

Prairie Avenue Historic District [Three Row Houses at E Cullerton Street]

Three row houses at East Cullerton are included in the Landmark "Paririe Avenue Historic District" ..
These are:
# 213 E Cullerton St ..
Completed: 1891
Architect: Thomas & Rapp
# 215 E Cullerton St ...
Completed; 1870
Architect: Unknown
# 217 E Cullerton St.
Completed: 1892
Architect: Thomas & Rapp ..

213 E Cullerton Street..

215 E Cullerton Street

217 E Cullerton Street

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Anonymous said...

I am the owner of 215 E Cullerton. Thank you for the notice and great pictures. I love the home and all its history.

Jyoti said...

Thanks for writing Colleen!

Anonymous said...

All three of these rowhouses (213, 215 and 217 East Cullerton) were built in 1868 as identical units matching 215 (the middle rowhouse). The two end units, 213 and 217 were rebuilt or extensively remodeled in 1892 or 1893. (from "Prairie Avenue" book authored by Bill Tyre, current curator and executive director of the Glessner House Museum at 1800 South Prairie).

213 apparently was a total "teardown" with a new foundation under the whole structure which extends from the front and rear of the original building. 217, the end unit on the alley, expanded the orginal structure. If you look on the alley side of 217 you can see where the brick middle was added on to front and rear with different brick. Apparently the basement also contains the orginal foundation walls which line up with the 215 building next door.
Some scenes from the 1989 movie "The Package" with Tommy Lee Jones and Gene Hackman were filmed in the back yard(s), alley and interiors of one or two of the units.