Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Marquette Building - the lobby

The two-story hexagonal lobby is just awesome!!
Some of its outstanding features include..
- mosaic panels made by the Louis Comfort Tiffany and J.A.Holzer..
- bronze portraits of native Americans and early explorers, over elevators on the first and second floors, by Edward Kemeys and Amy Aldis Bradley..
- bronze doors with relief works of calumets and panther heads, by Edward Kemeys

The Marquette building is named for Father Jacques Marquette, a French Jesuit missionary and explorer who in 1674-75, wintered in the area that is now Chicago. One of the most outstanding features of the building is it's two-story hexagonal lobby. It has beautiful mosaic works interpreting moments in the life and death of Father Marquette.

The stunning mosaics are the work of Louis Comfort Tiffany and J.A.Holzer.. Holzer was chief designer for the Tiffany Glass and Decorating company. These mosaics are composed entirely of mother of pearl and Favrile glass.

From the MacArthur Foundation website.. click here..
“In this memorial rotunda, which is considered the most artistic and interesting portions of the building, [are]...three pictorial tablets descriptive of the events in the life of Marquette. These glass mosaic panels are certainly works of high artistic value.. a glowing series of pictures never before attempted in glass mosaic.”
- Architectural Reviewer, July 1897..
Words inscribed..
Firmly resolved to do all and to suffer all for so glorious an undertaking..
Words inscribed..
They answered they were Illinois and in token of peace presented the pipes to smoke.

Words inscribed..
To die as he had always asked in a wretched cabin amid the forest destitute of all human aid.
Detail from the above mosaic panel




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