Sunday, February 14, 2010

Marquette Building - bronze portraits

Bronze portraits in the lobby..
Over each elevator on the first and second floor there are bronze portraits of Native Americans and explorers. In all, there are twenty-two portraits, eleven on each floor. These portraits are of those “who were directly or indirectly connected with the discovery and exploration of the great Northwest and the Mississippi River and Valley"..

Sculptors: Edward Kemeys and Amy Aldis Bradley..
In fact Amy Bradley sculpted only two of the twenty-two portraits. The two being those of Marquette and Jolliet.. Rest all twenty were sculpted by Edward Kemeys. Kemeys also sculpted the calumets and panther heads on the doors..

The first floor portraits..
De Manthet, Big Snake, Joliet, Talon, Noon Day, Marquette, Chicagou, Little Panther, Tonty, Shaubena and La Taupine..
The second floor portraits..
Keokuk, Black Hawk, De l'Hut, Brown Moose, Chassagoac, La Salle, Nika, War Eagle, Fontenac, Hairy Bear and Waubonsie..

Amy Aldis Bradley - portrait of Marquette and Joliet
Edward Kemeys - All except two [Marquette and Joliet]
Kemeys also sculpted the calumets and panther heads on the doors.. click here..



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