Monday, September 14, 2009

Motor Row Historic District - IV

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Some of the buildings look like they were showrooms earlier. They have large open interior spaces and huge windows, perfectly suited to showcase automobiles. However, I could not find much information like which automobile they would have displayed or who was the architect of the building. Although in many of these structures, the decorative terra cotta works remain intact, but many of the windows are now covered with bricks or construction boards..

2210 South Michigan Avenue

2240 South Michigan Avenue ..

2251 South Michigan Avenue

2347 South Michigan Avenue .. [Maybe Ford Showroom]

2317 South Michigan Avenue ..

2325 South Michigan Avenue.. [Premier Showroom]

Streetview of the Motor Row District ..

As I've written earlier, I could not find information on some buildings that looked like auto showrooms in earlier days .. Any material on these is welcome ..
# Image 1: 2210 South Michigan Avenue ..
# Image 2: 2240 South Michigan Avenue ..
# Image 3: 2251 South Michigan Avenue ..
# Image 4: 2347 South Michigan Avenue ..
# Image 5: 2317 South Michigan Avenue ..
# Image 6: 2325 South Michigan Avenue .. [Premier Showroom]

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Graham Man said...

Bird-Sykes Co. Building (No.1)
2208-2216 S. Michigan Ave.
Built 1910
Architect Christian Eckstorm

From National Register of Historic Places - Motor Row

Home to Paige autos 1914?-1927 Graham-Paige Motors 1928 to 1941?