Monday, March 14, 2011

Rosehill Cemetery [ Horatio N. May Chapel - by Joseph L. Slisbee]

The Horatio N. May Chapel was designed by architect Joseph L. Slisbee and built in 1899. Its design features Gothic and Romanesque elements..

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Dagny, Chicago said...

I called and asked if the chapel was ever opened. It is never open for tours but the employee and I got to chatting and when it became apparent how much I love Rosehill and how often I visit, he offered to take me inside. IT IS BREATHTAKING! A spectacular vaulted ceiling of all wood with carved buttresses and mosaics similar to what is underneath the entryway. I did not take photos and did not ask if I could.

The chapel is used only when requested and only when the weather will allow reasonable comfort inside. The architect is Joseph Silsbee. Please correct the spelling of his name.