Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Navy Pier: Skyline Lake Tour..

Working on my older photos, which I never got time to publish..
Immediately after the AeroBalloon trip, images here.. I took the boat tour, "Skyline Lake Tour"..
All these images were taken on August 11, 2010..
Navy Pier: Skyline Lake Tour.

Navy Pier Headhouse and Auditorium..

Skyline with John Hancock Center in the center..

Skyline with Sears/Willis Tower in the center..

Breakwater and Chicago Harbor Lighthouse..

Chicago Harbor Lighthouse..

Chicago's Water Crib..

Chicago Harbor Lock..

Back to Navy Pier..


Chicago Old and New said...

Busy day for you, but obviously a great summer's day to take pictures. Thanks for the posts!

al kuhn said...

Thanks for the great pics. I grew up in Chi but live in Fl now and am too ill to visit so your pics bring Chi to me. Thanks, Al Kuhn

Jyoti said...

Hi Al,
sorry to hear about your illness.
I am glad you enjoyed the photos.
Thank You for writing.