Sunday, March 6, 2011

Chicago Marine Safety Station

Chicago Marine Safety Station [CMSS}..
It accomodates Chicago Marine Police, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, and the United States Coast Guard.
The CMSS was renovated in 2005 .. and now includes..
- High-tech computerized command center,
- Joint Operations Conference room with video screen,
- Interior space that includes three dormers,
- Floating boat dock system provided by the Chicago Park District.
The station also houses Chicago’s first geothermal system designed to decrease fuel consumption by making good use of water from the Chicago River and Lake Michigan. The Illinois Clean Energy Foundation provided the grant for the system.

This building was known by many names throughout the years, including, Coast Guard Station Old Chicago, Coast Guard Lifeboat Station Old Chicago, Coast Guard Station Chicago, Chicago Police Marine Unit Headquarters and now after the completed revitalization, it's named Chicago Marine Safety Station..

"The Marine Safety Station is a great example of the city, state, and federal governments – all working together – to benefit not only the City, but also Lake Michigan, Chicago’s greatest natural resource"..
- Mayor Richard M. Daley

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