Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rosehill Cemetery..

Rosehill is the largest and one of the oldest cemeteries in the City of Chicago. Spread over 350 acres of land, it was established in Feb, 1859. The first burial took in the same month..
Some prominent features..
- Entrance Gate designed by William Boyington..
- A Romanesque chapel by Joseph Silsbee
- City's largest public mausoleum, by Sidney Lovell..
- Landscaped by William Saunders..
Here's a trivia from it's website..
The name "Rosehill" resulted from a mapmaker's error - the area was previously called "Roe's Hill", named for nearby tavern keeper Hiram Roe..

Rosehill Cemetery Entrance, is designated a Chicago Landmark.. It was designed by William W. Boyington, in 1964..

Abandoned stone stairs are just outside the main gate, lead to train tracks. When the tracks were first constructed, the operators of the Chicago and North Western line had a special funeral car, built to hold a casket. An elevator would lower the casket from the train platform to ground level. The train station is gone now. All that remains is the limestone building which housed the elevator, and these stairs. The tracks are currently used by Metra commuter rail.

Civil War Soldiers graves...

Our Heroes: Civil War Monument..
by Leonard W. Volk..
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Volunteer Firefighters Monument..
by Leonard W. Volk..
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Tomb of Leonard Wells Volk..
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Two greyhounds mark the graves of the Stein family..
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A buck, with its antlers broken away. Nothing remaining but small nubs on the forehead.
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Frances M. Pearce Wife of Horatio O. Stone, died May 1864..
Frances Pearce Daughter of H.O. Stone..
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The Jauriet monument..
From Rosehill cemetery website ..
This is an example of a "surrogate mourner", female figures of this type usually do not represent an actual person, but rather an ideal woman that the man buried here would like to have mourning him..

Darius Miller Mausoleum..
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Adam Schaaf's mausoleum, guarded by two lions..
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The Horatio N. May Chapel..
It was designed by architect Joseph L. Slisbee and built in 1899. Its design features Gothic and Romanesque elements..

Rosehill Mausoleum..
dedicated in 1914, was designed by architect Sidney Lovell, who is himself entombed within. It is the grandest mausoleum in Chicago, in terms of size and beauty.

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