Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Elks National Memorial: Reclining Elks

The Elks National Memorial: Reclining Elks..
Sculptor: Laura Gardin Fraser..
Two life size reclining elks flank the steps in front of the Elks National Memorial, where the steps where they meet the sidewalk.. These are made by Laura Gardin Fraser.

Laura Gardin was born in Chicago, Illinois. She was the wife of James Earle Fraser. She created many metals, coins, fountains and animals. She was the first woman to design a coin for United States Treasury. She was especially famous for animal sculptures..

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# The Elks National Memorial..
# Facade freizes- By Adolph A. Weinman...
# Sculptures: "Fraternity" and "Patriotism" - By Adolph A. Weinman..
# Sculptures: Reclining Elks - By Laura Gardin Fraser..
# Sculptures: "Air" & "Earth" - By Laura Garden Fraser
# Rotunda: Heroic Sculptures - By James Earle Fraser..
# Rotunda: The intricately carved ceiling...
# Rotunda: murals- By Eugene Francis Savage..
# Grand Reception Hall: Entry murals - By Edwin Howland Blashfield..
# Grand Reception Hall..
# Grand Reception Hall: Hand-painted glass windows..
# Grand Reception Hall: Ceiling murals...
# Grand Reception Hall: Wall murals- By Eugene Francis Savage..

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