Thursday, April 9, 2009

Old Franklin Building and Terminals Building

The Old Franklin Building and the Terminals Building are next door neighbors ...

# The Old Franklin Building and the Terminals Buildings are both in the Printing House Row District, which was designated a Chicago Landmark in 1996 .. For more buildings in the Printing House Row District ... click here ..

The Old Franklin Building ...
Address: 521-5 S. Dearborn Street
Architect: George C. Nimmons
Built in 1886 ...
Note how its windows were grouped together to provide as much light as possible for the typesetters inside ...

The Terminals Building ..
Address: 537 S. Dearborn Street
Architect: John M. Van Osdel
Completed: 1892

One of the last works of architect John M. Van Osdel [1811 – 1891] considered Chicago’s “first” architect.
Wikipedia offers some interesting trivia:
Van Osdel planned the first architect-designed house in Chicago for the first Mayor of Chicago, William Ogden. The house was located on Rush Street. Ogden commissioned Van Osdel, who came from New York to Chicago for the job. By 1844, he had opened Chicago's first architectural firm. He is considered a Chicago school architect and a peer of William LeBaron Jenney, Dankmar Adler, Louis Sullivan, Daniel Burnham, John Wellborn Root and Frank Lloyd Wright. In fact, he and William W. Boyington are considered the most prominent Chicago architects of the period from the city's incorporation in 1837 until the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 ...


Unknown said...

I live here now, and its a pretty nice place except for the thin walls. I can always hear my 40 year old neighbor yelling obscenities at his TV during a Bulls game, or when he is making a meal, i can hear his plates clanking.

The management company is really nice and easy to work with. The Building Manager Andre always says hi and is welcoming.

Besides that, the ceilings are tall and is overall in pretty good condition.

But I am moving out in a month to a different location due to my neighbor.

Anonymous said...

I have lived here for 3 years now and I absolutely love it. As for Andrew's comment, I have no idea what he is talking about as my apartment is very well sound-proof.