Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rosehill Cemetery [Tomb of Frances M. Pearce ]

Frances M. Pearce Wife of Horatio O. Stone, died May 1864..
Frances Pearce Daughter of H.O. Stone..

This sculpture is protected from the elements by a glass box. It dominates its small section, surrounded by a few flat headstones (including that of Horatio O. Stone, who commissioned the work when his young wife died in childbirth). The sculpture is signed "C.B. Ives, Roma 1866"..
The Pearce monument is said to be haunted-- supposedly, on the anniversary of Frances' death, the glass box will be filled with a mysterious white mist.


Steverino said...

A must see if you visit Rosehill cemetery. You can ask the location at the east entrance and get a map.

Anonymous said...

What's the exact date of her death anniversary? Anybody know?