Friday, July 9, 2010

The Rookery: Lightcourt [Renovation by Frank Llyod Wright]

A marker in the lobby informs..
Renovation by Frank Llyod Wright- 1905]
In 1905, Frank Llyod Wright undertook renovations that were more about trend than any real need to upgrade the building or it's amenities.
Wright removed many of the iron and terra cotta detailing on the central staircase, balconies and walls, and replaced it with strong geometric patterns based on the railing on the Roots oriel staircase. he encased the iron columns in white marbles that were gilded and incised by Roots Arabic motif found on the LaSalle entrance. The fanciful electroliers that once flanked the central staircase were removed and Wright added bronze chandeliers with prismatic glass that still hang there today.

In the lobbies, Wright covered nearly every inch with incised gilded marble, removing or hiding the original decorative panels and railings. The staircase were squared off ans simplified, and Wright added geometric urns at Adam Street entrance. He also replaced the elevator grills with an open geometric cage that reflected his personal style..

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BW said...

The elevators that are there now are from a 1931 William Drummond renovation.

BW said...

(To clarify: I point this out only because the only elevator pictured is one of Drummond's)

Jyoti said...

Thanks, I appreciate you visit and comments.