Monday, July 19, 2010

At the Auditorium Theater: A Terrific Day!

Today was a terrific day. I visited three buildings that I had seen only from the outside... The Auditorium Theater, the Railway Exchange Building and the Fine Arts Building. All beautiful! [What took me so long? I don't know!]

But the highlight of the day was a guided tour to the Auditorium Theater. And was lucky to get the best tour guide, I've come across, Joseph Bennington. Good voice, [loud & clear but not harsh], good sense of humor, good control over the group and most importantly had a good knowledge on the subject-matter [cannot be taken for granted, I'm sure everyone has experienced that!] and seemed to be enjoying his work!

I could even make a trip to the Ganz Hall in the Auditorium Building. Much more would be coming on the Auditorium Theater..
Today a Thanks to the Auditorium Theater tour-guide, Joseph Bennington!

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