Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Saints Volodymyr and Olha Ukrainian Catholic Church

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Saints Volodymyr and Olha Ukrainian Catholic Church
Address: 2245 W. Superior St. Chicago, IL 60612 ..
Completed: 1973.
Architect: Jaroslav Korsunsky of Minneapolis ...

The architect employed the Byzantine Ukrainian style of 11-13th century Ukraine. During this period, Ukraine was under the cultural and religious influence of Byzantium. Churches of this style are traditionally cruciform, with the altar facing the East. The rounded gold dome, along with a strong preference for circular patterns?avoiding almost all angular designsis also typical of this style ...

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I found some very intereting information on it's official website ... 
Excerpts from it ...

The colors employed, are meant to convey a message. Christ, for example, is portrayed in a burgundy robe covered by another blue robe. Burgundy here denotes royalty and, by extension, divinity while blue symbolizes humanity. Jesus is God before all ages, thus the burgundy undergarment. In His nativity, however, He takes on humanity; thus, the blue outer garment. With the Mother of God it is just the opposite. Mary is a human [blue undergarment], who takes on divinity in bearing the Son of God [burgundy outer garment] ....

Iconography is the term used when speaking of the paintings in the church. Since they are not painted for the sake of decoration or simple aesthetic pleasure, they are not ordinary paintings. "Icon" in Greek means "image" of the world transfigured by the power of God. Viewers often note the abstraction of icons. This abstraction (e.g., a tampering with proportions and the composition of iconographic scenes) is usually an attempt to represent the otherness of the transfigured universe. The reality of which the saints partake is a transformed reality.

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George said...

It is a truly beautiful structure but it is not a Cathedral. Check out your facts before you publish. While in the neighborhood, check out At. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral (Oakley and Rice), St. Helen's Catholic Church with its statue of Pope John Paul II (Oakley and Augusta), St. Volodymyr Ukrainian Orhtodox Cathedral (Oakley and Cortez),and Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Cathedral (designed by Loius Sullivan on the corner of Leavitt and Haddon). All under a mile apart.