Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Saint John Cantius Roman Catholic Church

Saint John Cantius Roman Catholic Church ...
Address: 825 N. Carpenter St.,Chicago, IL 60642 ..
Completed: 1898
Architect: Adolphus Druiding ..

The building has a façade of rusticated stone in the High Renaissance style which dictated the use of classical elements such as columns, capitals and arches. At the very top is a monumental pediment decorated with the coat of arms of Poland's failed January Uprising, under which is found the inscription "Boże Zbaw Polskę" (God Save Poland in Polish). Just below this on the entablature, is the Latin inscription "Ad maiorem Dei Gloriam", a text which proclaims that this building is for the Greater Glory of God, a Jesuit motto popular in many churches built around the turn of the century. Three Romanesque portals set in receding arches lead into the interior ...
The entrance is flanked by two asymmetrical towers topped with copper cupolas, 129 feet and 100 feet in height, styled after St. Mary's Basilica in Kraków.

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