Monday, September 19, 2011

Chicago's West Side [St. Ignatius College Prep Building..]

St. Ignatius College Prep Building..
Year Built: 1869; West addition, 1874
Architect: Toussaint Menard , John P. Huber..
Address: 1076 W. Roosevelt Road
Date Designated a Chicago Landmark: March 18, 1987..

Excerpt from Chicago Landmarks website...
The culmination of Father Arnold J. Damen, S.J.'s work in Chicago, this building was opened in 1870 as St. Ignatius College. Loyola University originated from this institution but, since 1922, St. Ignatius has operated solely as a college preparatory school. The Second Empire-style edifice is among the oldest in the city, a rare and distinctive example of institutional designs pre-dating the Chicago Fire of 1871.

AMDG stands for Ad majorem Dei gloriam
[For the Greater Glory of God]
IHS stands for inque hominum salutem
[Salvation of Humanity]
For the Greater Glory of God and Salvation of Humanity..

The school was founded in Chicago in 1870 by Fr. Arnold Damen, S.J., a Belgian missionary to the United States. The school is coeducational, Catholic, college preparatory and sponsored by the Society of Jesus [the Jesuits].

The building is a rare example of Second Empire Style building in Chicago. What's equally interesting is the sculptural fragments in the campus..
Notable are..
  • Giant flowerpot, which is made of fragment from Chicago Stock Exchange Building..
  • Bas-Relief, which is remains from the Chicago Stadium..

The 10-foot tall flowerpot, is made up of the portion of cornice from [now demolished] Stock Exchange Building [by Adler and Sullivan]..

Details on the flowerpot.. Definitely Louis Sullivan sculptural ornamentation..

Bas-relief is from the Chicago Stadium.. It's not sure who made these sculptural work..

St. Ignatius Prep School is next to Holy Family Church..


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I am so glad to have found a strong supporter, although somewhere far-off.
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