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City Hall-County Building..

City Hall-County Building..
Address: 121 N. LaSalle St./118 N. Clark St.
Year Built: 1905-08 and 1909-11
Architect: Holabird & Roche
Date Designated a Chicago Landmark: January 21, 1982..

City Hall and County Building is actually one building which serves two purposes and has two addresses. The City Hall occupies the west half of the building with entrance at 121 N LaSalle Street. The County Building occupies the east half is the building with entrance at 118 N Clark Street. This beautiful Classical Revival-style building has beautiful exterior as well as interior..

In 2001 the roof gardens were completed, designed by noted "green" architect William McDonough. However the green roof is not open to the public.

One of the most beautiful interiors that I've seen. Beautiful corridors with elaborate marble stairways and bronze tablets honoring the past city halls of Chicago from 1837 to the present..
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The American's Cred..

The building has many beautiful bronze commemorative tablets..
  • The iroquois Memorial Tablet..
  • In Memoriam..
  • The American Creed..

Sculptural Reliefs..

City Hall entrance features four relief panels sculpted in granite by John Flanagan. Each of the panels represents one of four principal concerns of city government: playgrounds, schools, parks, and water supply..
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County Building entrance also has four relief panels.. Two by Carl Beil and Leon Hermant.. and two by Hermon Atkins MacNeil..
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Fasces, symbolizing, power and jurisdiction and "strength through unity"..
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Y-symbol [rather inverted Y-symbol]
at the City-Hall-County Building..
One of many sculptural ornamentation on the City Hall-County Building is the seal of Chicago by Hermon Atkins MacNeil.. It's on the east entrance or the County Building entrance, and it features the inverted Y-symbol.. Although the actual seal of Cook County does not have Y-symbol.
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# City Hall-County Building ..
# City Hall - Sculptural reliefs..
# County Building - Sculptural Reliefs..
# City Hall-County Building - interiors..
# Y-symbol in City Hall-County Building..

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