Thursday, July 22, 2010

Milwaukee Art Museum: Burke Brise Soleil

Milwaukee Art Museum..
Burke Brise Soleil..
the sunscreen wings. It's the signature element in the Calatrava's design. These two large operable wings are each made up of 36 interconnected fins, ranging in length from 26 feet to 105 feet. The Brise Soleil wingspan spreads 217 feet at its widest point, wider than a Boeing 747-400 airplane, and weights 90 tons.
- The wings open and close the same time every day..
- It takes about three minutes for the wings to fully open and close..
- The wings can also be partially opened and closed..
- Weather sensors are used to monitor conditions that make extended wings dangerous. If a sensor detects a windspeed of more than 23 mph for more than three seconds at a stretch, the wings close automatically.
- During a power failure, the wings close automatically..

The cable-stayed bridge pylon and the Quadracci Pavilion building spine are aligned at the same axis, and are inclined at 48.36 degrees towards the pavilion..

# For more on the Quadracci Pavilion at the Milwaukee Art Museum, click here..


frankdejol said...

Fantastic !
Interesting and beautiful architecture.
And of course excellent shots.

Jyoti said...

Beautiful architecture indeed. Thanks Frank!