Friday, February 19, 2010

AIC - Alsdorf Galleries [Sculptures from Bihar]

This seperate post on Alsdorf Galleries, as these sculptures are from Bihar, India, where I grew up!!!

Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara..
India, Bihar, Plala Period, circa 11th century
Black basalt..

Stele depicting the Eight Principal Events from the life of the Buddha..
India, Bihar
Pala period, circa 10th century
Black Chlorite

Buddha giving the First Sermon..
India, Bihar
Pala period, 10/early 11th century
Black stone
Perhaps the largest word used in the Art Institute of Chicago!!!
It has 26 letters..
And I love it!!
Although most Indians will split it in three words..
Dharmachakra, Pravartana, Mudra..
Dharmachakra - the wheel of law
Pravartana - change
Mudra - posture /gesture
So it is the posture to change the wheel of law..

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