Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mid North District

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Mid North District ...
Address: Bounded by W Fullerton Pkwy in north, W Armitage Ave in south, N Clark St in east and N Lincoln Ave in west ...
Year Built: 1865-1900
Architect: Various
Date Designated a Chicago Landmark: August 31, 1977 ...

At the intersection of W Grant Pl and N Sedgwick St..
this plaque reads ...
"Chicago Landmark
Mid-North District
This area, with its concentration of brick rowhouses, is typical of urban residential communities developed during the last three decades of the 19th century. The high quality of it's architecture, well-preserved and well maintained, gives the Mid-North District, it's distinctive character.
Designated a Chicago landmark on August 31, 1977
by the City Council of Chicago.
Michael A Bilandic, Mayor.
Commission on Chicago Historic and Architectural landmarks."

Above images.. brick rowhouses along N Sedgwick street...

A marker at the intersection of W Fullerton Pkwy and N Cleveland Ave reads ..
Mid North District..
The streets feature a cross-section of architecural styles and building types from the late 19th-century, including pre-Fire of 1871 wood cottages, Italianate-style rowhouses and masonry residences designed in Queen Anne and Richardsonian Romanesque styles.

Above two images..
- 506 W Fullerton Avenue..
- 514 W Fullerton Avenue..

Above two images ..
Three wooden-cottages that Survived the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 ...
- Twin buildings, 2339 N Cleveland..&.. 2343 N Cleveland..
- 2121 N Hudson building

2333 N Cleveland Avenue..
2317 & 2319 N Cleveland Avenue..

# Two buildings designed by Louis Sullivan..
- Leon Mannheimer House ...
Address: 2147 N Cleveland building ...
Completed: 1884
Designed by Louis Sullivan ...

- Ann Halsted House ...
Address: 440 West Belden Avenue building ...
Completed: 1883 ..
Architect: Louis Sullivan .. for Dankmar Adler and Co...

While the residences from the 1870s were designed in an Italianate style, with elaborate cornices and window surrounds. The Queen Anne style, with its variety of colors, textures, and details, later gained popularity in the district, followed in the 1880s by the rough-faced stone buildings of the Romanesque Revival style.

Above two images ..
- Queen Anne style building in N Sedgwick street...
- Italianate style building in N. Sedgwick street..
These two buildings are on N. Sedgwick street between W Webster Ave and W Dickens Ave..

Above two images..
- This beautiful building is at the intersection of N. Sedgwick St and W Dickens Ave..
- A building on N. Sedgwick St
Both the buildings are on N Sedgwick St, between W. Dickens Ave and W Armitage Ave..

I have always liked this building [310 W Dickens Ave] at the intersection of N Clark Street and W Dickens Ave.. Wonder if this cow is from the Cow Parade in Chicago?

Site of St. Valentine Day massacre..
2122 N Clark street is the site of the infamous Valentine day massacre when seven members of the Bugs Moran gang were line and killed, supposedly by members of Al Capone gang.
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Anonymous said...

My grandparents bought the Bellinger Cottage at 2121 N Hudson (the called Lincoln Place) circa 1910 and owned it until the mid-1950s. My mother was born there in 1916.

Unknown said...

I am now living in the Bellinger cottage. I am curious about its history. Someone (unidentified) posted that their grandmother lived there. Who lived there? Did they purchase fro the Bellinger family?