Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Astor Street District [Archbishop's Residence]

Archbishop's Residence..
Address: 1555 N State Parkway
Completed: 1885
Architect: Alfred F. Pashley..

This mansion completed in 1885, with 19 chimneys, and spanning an entire block serves as Archbishop's Residence. Seven archbishops have lived here, and world leaders from Franklin D Roosevelt to Pope John Paul II have crashed at the residence while in town.

State Street entrance..

Side view from Astor Street..


Just behind the Archbishop's residence is the wood block alley running east and west between State St. and Astor St.. The Wooden Alley is one of two remaining wood block alleys in the city; the other is on the 2100 block of North Hudson Avenue ...
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Anonymous said...

I am looking for any pictures of a residence with the address 1551 N. Astor St. I know I lived next to the archbishop's home as well as North Ave Beach to the east and Lincoln Park Zoo to the North. I was born in this home in 1962. The building has been destroyed, I do not know why, it was every bit as lovely as the rest of these. If you can direct me to a site with more information I would be extremely grateful for your time and consideration. Thanking you in advance.
Sherry Kozan
nee: Cheryl Hynes

Unknown said...

There's a pciture from the Newberry Library -