Thursday, February 26, 2009

Astor Street District

Astor Street District..
1200-1600 blocks of Astor Street (and cross streets)
Year Built: 1880-1940
Architect: Various
Date Designated a Chicago Landmark: December 19, 1975..

The plaque reads..
" Astor Street District
Constructed over a period of more than 60 years, the buildings along Astor Street reflect the fashionable styles favored by their original residents. Nineteenth century houses, in their various historical revival styles, are interspersed with apartment buildings, forming a unique reminder of the city's history.

Designated a Chicago Landmark on Dec 19, 1975
by City Council of Chicago.
Richard J Daley, Mayor
Commission on Chicago Historical and Architectural Landmarks."

Some of the buildings that I found particularly interesting are:
# Archbishop's Residence
# Patterson McCormick Mansion
# Charney House
# William O. Goodman House
# William Wrigley residence
# John Wellborn Root's residence

Archbishop's Residence..
Address: 1555 N State Parkway
Completed: 1885 ..
Architect: Alfred F. Pashley ..
# For more images of Archbishop's Residence, click here..

Patterson McCormick Mansion..
Address: 20 E Burton Pl
Completed: 1892
Architect: Stanford White ...
# For more images of Patterson McCormick Mansion,click here..

James Charney House..
Address: 1365 N. Astor St.
Year Built: 1891
Architect: Adler & Sullivan, with Frank Lloyd Wright ..
Date Designated a Chicago Landmark: August 20, 1972 ..
# For more images of Charney House, click here..

William O. Goodman House..
Address: 1355 N Astor Street
Architect: Howard Van Doren Shaw
Completed: 1913
William Owen Goodman made a fortune in the lumber business and he was the donor of the popular downtown theater that bears his name "Goodman Theater"...

Wrigley Offield residence..
Address: 1400 N Astor Street ..
Completed: 1885
# For more images of Wrigley House, click here

John Wellborn Root's residence..
Address: 1308-1312 North Astor ...
Competed 1888 ..

# For more on John Wellborn Root's residence, click here..

Chicago Landmarks: Astor Street District .. click here ..


Unknown said...

This really is a GEM right here in Chicago that people forget- It sits in the shadows of too many skyscrapers! Thanks for the info!

Jyoti said...

I so agree Shannon!

Anonymous said...


Just wanted to let you know that the property that you list as the William Wrigley Mansion is incorrect as is the address. It is the "Wrigley Ofield Mansion" where is daughter, Dorothy, lived. The correct address is 1400 North Astor. I know this well because I owned 1404 North Astor, which is next door.
Ginny Morris

Anonymous said...

Offield, that is! LOL

Jyoti said...

Thanks Ginny!

Antonio said...

Hi all,

Hopefully there is someone still looking at this... One of my favorite buildings in Chicago is the white one in front of the Junior League of Chicago, in Astor St, about 1443th. Anyone can tell me the name of that building?