Thursday, March 18, 2010


Here is one book I have been greatly inspired by.. Chicago Figural Sculpture, A chronological portrait 1871-1923.. by Gregory H. Jenkins, AIA. click here.. The book has an amazing selection of figural sculptures, from the time of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 to about the mid Roaring Twenties.. For me, the most impressive are photographs of the architectural sculptures that surround us and that we so easily overlook. It certainly made me notice and appreciate the art and architecture around us, much more than I used to. He also maintains a wonderful blog.. Check out CHICAGO ARCHITECTURE in the Loop.. click here..

I started my series on "Architectural Ornamentation /Sculptures" based on the book.... click here.. Yesterday was a gorgeous day. Clear blue sky, warm golden sunshine and crisp clean air! I wished the day never ended. I did manage some good photographs and have updated some of my earlier posts on architectural sculptures, with somewhat better images, mostly taken yesterday..

Few updated posts..
# Harold Washington Library..
# Manhatten Building..
# Fisher Building..
# Heald Square Monument..

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