Wednesday, September 7, 2011

City Hall-County Bldg. [The Iroquois Memorial Plaque - by Lorado Taft]

Lorado Taft
The Iroquois Memorial Tablet [1912]
The bronze bas-relief plaque was created by Lorado Taft, a renowned Chicago sculptor, to commemorate the Iroquois Theater Fire of 1903. The fire, which broke out during the performance of Mr. BlueBeard, calimed more than 600 lives. The tablet originaly adorned the waiting room of the Iroquois Memorial Hospital and was recovered in the basement of the City hall decades after the hospital had closed.
Mr. Taft selected Sympathy, personified as a woman, as the central figure of the tablet to introduce a procession of humanity, some of the Takers, some of them Givers, but all of them deeply impressed by the significance of the dominating figure [of Sympathy].
The commemorative inscription was commissioned by The Union League Club of Chicago.

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Unknown said...

It was a very tragic incident, took more than 600 lives, by the dedication of this memorial plaque it helps us to remember them.