Tuesday, August 30, 2011

River North [Bas Relief on Tree Studios, Annexes and Courtyard..]

I am very curious..
What's the story behind this?
It's part of the bas relief on Ontario Street Annex of the Tree Studios, Annexes, and Courtyard, click here..

Who are these people?

One of the most annoying pay-for-parking sign, just in front of this beautiful relief work..

Tree Studio, Ontario Street Annex

# River North: Tree Studios, Annexes, and Courtyard..
# River North: Medinah Temple...
# River North..


al kuhn said...

Another great post. I am repeating myself when I say your art makes th old and familiar new and fresh. Some talent! Best, Al

Anonymous said...

Hey Jyoti, re the bas relief question: just guessing but I'd begin with a painter on the left, a writer in the center and a sculptor on the right. I don't see any narrative connected to the trio. Anyhow, you are great! Al Kuhn

Jyoti said...

Thanks Al,
Thank You for such a wonderful compliment. I sincerely appreciate.

And You're right,
I learned the bas relief is called Painter, Sculptor, Writer.