Monday, July 20, 2009

Lincoln Park Zoo [Cafe Brauer / South Pond Refactory]

Cafe Brauer / South Pond Refactory ...
Completed: 1908
Architect: Dwight H. Perkins
Location: 2021 N. Stockton Dr.
The Cafe Brauer/ South Pond Refactory, along with the Carson Cottage / Men's and ladies' comfort station click here .. have been designated as Chicago Landmark: February 5, 2003..

The building is an outstanding example of the Prairie style architecture ..
It was financed by the Brauer family of Chicago, who worked in the restaurant business, and was one of the most popular restaurants in Chicago during the early twentieth century.

The restaurant closed in the 1940s, and the structure was used for storage. Then in 1987, the Lincoln Park Zoo Society began a $4.2 million restoration project..

The second-floor is famous for the "Great Hall", a fine example of Arts-and-Crafts design. However, the Great Hall is assissible only by appointment, so I could not see it.

Designated Chicago Landmarks in Lincoln Park Zoo area..

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