Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Navy Pier: Chicago Skyline from AeroBalloon..

All these images were taken on August 11, 2010..
The AeroBalloon - floats 40 stories / 350 feet, from above the Navy Pier.

Safety belt tightly secured..

Navy Pier, Breakwater and the Chicago Harbor Lock..
[And in the background is the Chicago Harbor Lighthouse..]

Chicago Harbor Lock..

Marine Safety Station and DuSable Harbor..

Lakeshore Drive, Chicago River and the Ogden Slip..

Lakepoint Tower..

Navy Pier..

Jane Addams Memorial Park..

Navy Pier and Jardine Water Purification Plant..

Ferris Wheel, Navy Pier..

For a moment, everyone lifted their hands off the deck [and the image below shows how high up in the air we were].. My hands anyways were always on my camera..

This one is taken from the boat ride on Lake Michigan..

# Navy Pier: Smith Museum of Stained Glass ...
# Navy Pier: Chicago Skyline from Aeroballoon ..
# Chicago Harbor Lighthouse..
# Chicago Harbor Lock...
# Chicago Marine Safety Station..


Chicago Old and New said...

Great ride, from the looks of it. 40 stories is getting up there! What a neat way to look at the city and the lake, though.

Jyoti said...

@ Jim,
Thanks for writing. More so, cause your link took me to your superb website. excellent work there. I have to spend more time exploring it..