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Tribune Tower - Stones & Artifacts

Tribune Tower..
Address: 435 N. Michigan Ave.
Completed: 1925
Architect: Raymond M. Hood and John Mead Howells..
Designated a Chicago Landmark: February 1, 1989..

Tower's limestone exterior are more than 150 pieces stones and artifacts from around the world. It includes fragments of Abraham Lincoln's original tomb, India's Taj Mahal and China's Forbidden City. Some of Tribune Tower's Stones are from structures that predate the Christian era, such as the Great Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt or the Great Wall of China. Others like the Berlin Wall is of recent history. Every state in the nation has at least one bit of natural or man-made wonders here.

Michigan Avenue, South Wing..
- Wawel Castle, [Krakow] Poland
- Taj Mahal, [Agra] India

Pioneer Court..
- Abraham Lincoln's original tomb, Springfield Il,
Completed1874, Razed 1901.
- World Trade Center

Michigan Avenue - Nathan Hale Court..
- Temple, Forbidden City.. [Beijing, China]
- White House.. Romoved from inner wall of White House during reconstruction - 1950.
- World's Columbian Exposition AD 1893.

Michigan Avenue - Nathan Hale Court..
- Union Stock Yards gate.. [Chicago, Illinois]
- World's Columbian Exposition AD 1893.. [Chicago, Illinois]

Window display, Tribune giftstore..
Lunam Sample.. This is a rock collected from moon in 1971 during the Apollo 15 mission to the edge of Mars, Imbrium.
It is a basalt, a piece of a lava flow that hardened 3.3 billion years ago. This kind of rock is similar to the volcanic rocks that make up the Island of Hawaii.
The cavities are gas bubbles frozen into the solidifying lava before they could escape Lunam Sample.
- Courtesy of NASA..
[NASA owns all moon rocks, and it is merely on loan to the Tribune]

A small section of the front entrance, Michigan Avenue - South Wing..
- Massachusetts Hall, Harvard University, Cambridge..
- Chillon Castle, Vaud, Switzerland..
- Taj Mahal, Agra, India..
- Westminster Abbey
- Edinburg Castle, Edinburg, Scotland..

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