Monday, January 12, 2009

Chicago Building

Chicago Building..
Address: 7 W. Madison St.
Year Built: 1904-05
Architect: Holabird & Roche
Date Designated a Chicago Landmark: March 26, 1996.

The plaque reads..
Chicago Landmark..
Chicago Building
Holabird & Roche, architect
The building epitomizes the Chicago School, a design movement that changed modern architecture. It's distinctive features include large windows, steel-frame construction, projecting bays and ornate terra cotta cladding. Located at what was known as the "World's Busiest Corner", it's prominence was further heightened by a jog in the alignment of State Street.
Designated on March 26, 1996
Richrad M. Daley, Mayor
Commission on Chicago Landmarks..

A typical example of Chicago School of architecture with ...
- large "Chicago windows"
- metal-frame construction
- distinctive bays
- terra cotta cladding
The building is a critical component of a grouping of significant structures, which includes, Carson Pirie Scott and the former Mandel Brothers Store, at what was once labeled the "World's Busiest Corner."
REF: Chicago Landmarks: Chicago Building ..

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