Friday, January 2, 2009

Marshall Fields [The Great Clocks - by Graham, Anderson, Probst and White]

Great Clock at the intersection of State & Washington streets..

Great Clock at the intersection of State & Randolph streets..

The Great Clocks..
The first of the Marshall Field's great clocks and was installed at the corner of Washington and State Streets on November 26, 1897. It soon became Chicago's landmark.
- The Great Clock at State & Washington was first installed in 1897. It was replaced in 1907 with the one that we see today..
- The Great Clock at State & Randolph was installed in 1904.

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Designed by the firm of Graham, Anderson, Probst and White, each clock is made of 7¾ tons of cast bronze and hung by ornamental ironwork projected several feet from the building.
The face of the clock is 46" across, the minute hand is 27" and the hour hand is 20½" long. The clock is impulse operated from a master timepiece located in the store. The timepiece is checked twice daily with the Arlington time signal and corrects the clocks every hour. On November 3, 1945 the clock was immortalized in a Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post cover with a repairman setting the landmark clock by his own pocket watch.

The Great Clock at State & Washington...
was first installed on Nov 26, 1897. This clock was replaced with the one we see today in 1907.

The Great Clock at State and Randolph [installed in 1904]..

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Unknown said...

The iron work was all done by Willie Lau who owned a lighting fixture company in the late 1800's. Willie did a lot of work for Wright and Sullivan that included lighting, wrought iron fencing, etc.