Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Field Museum of Natural History: Reliefs panels and Caryatids by Henry Hering

The Field Museum of Natural History

The skull and the ankh really caught my eyes...
I had learnt about ankh only a few days back. It's an ancient Egyptian hierogyyphic character that reads "life".

Anthropology - by Henry Hering,
Relief panel: Winged female figure holding a human skull and an Ankh

Geology - by Henry Hering
 Relief panel: Winged female figure holding a globe
with North and South American continents and a torch representing fire
Caryatids - by Henry Hering
I have yet to photograph relief panels "Botany" and "Zoology"
For a very interesting read about the Field Museum architecture.. click here


adgorn said...

Very nice pictures! I love your interesting finds like these.

Viera said...

Brilliant...very nice post...

Anonymous said...

When I was a kid long ago, the Field Museum nwas my favorite place along with the (original building)Chicago Historical Society. Thanks for a great post. Al Kuhn

david said...

This is really human wisdom that could build such a wonderful and amazing Museum

kostas said...

I think its not Egyptian but Greek,about your comments on the photo.
Happy new year,regards from Thessaloniki.

birkin handbag said...

Thanks for the tips posted on the net regarding the condolences message.

Jasmine V said...

Beautiful. This is history and history is what makes our city great! It blows my mind to know that this was hammer and chizel stuff. I've just started following a sculptor online and it's given me a much deeper understanding of this kind of work!

Jasmine V | Belgravia Group