Thursday, May 19, 2011

Museum of Science and Industry

Museum of Science and Industry..
Address: 57th St. at Lake Shore Drive
Year Built: 1891-1893
Reconstructed 1929-30
Interior renovation 1930-41..
Architects: Charles Atwood, Graham, Anderson, Probst & White,
Shaw, Naess & Murphy
Date Designated a Chicago Landmark: November 1, 1995..

Main entrance [North entrance]..

The plaque reads..
Chicago Landmark...
Museum of Science & Industry
Charles B Atwood, architect
Originally built as the Palace for Fine Arts for the World's Columbian Exposition, this plaster-clad structure later became the first home of the Field Museum of Natural History. After the museum left in the 1920's, the decayed building was reconstructed of stone for the Museum of Science and Industry. The exterior is an exact cop of the original Beaux-Arts style design, but it's interiors was remodeled in 1929-33 in the Art Moderne style, under the direction of architect Alfred Shaw.
Designated on November 1, 1995..
Richard M Daley, Mayor
Commission on Chicago Landmarks..

This post is only on the architecural sculptural details on the facade, and not on the exhibits in the museum..

The North entrance [main entrance] has amazing bronze doors..

The large bronze door at the museum North entrance, represent fourteen important subjects in science, including mathematics, engineering, medicine, transportation and architecture..

Bronze door details..
For more images of the bronze doors, click here..

Rear view of the museum..

West entrance of the museum..

West wall details, by Philip Martiny..
For more, click here..
Also for more on Philip Martiny, read Gregory H. Jenkins incredible blog, click here..

South entrance of the museum..

South entrance details..

Caryatids columns on a porch..
For more, click here..

West wall details..

South Entrance..
Perhaps the best view of the museum is from the Osaka Japanese Garden, in the south..

Museum of S&I: II [Caryatids]..
Museum of S&I: III [Wall details]..
Museum of S&I: IV [Bronze Doors]..

Also in Jackson Park..
Osaka Japanese Garden..

Statue of The Republic - by Daniel Chester French..

Animal Bridge..

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