Tuesday, May 24, 2011

18th Street Railroad Bridge..

18th Street Railroad bridge..
Over the South branch Chicago River..
I have very little information on this bridge. Any information is welcome!

The above two images taken from Roosevelt Road Bridge..

In the above image, on the right hand side, we can see the South Canal Street Railroad Bridge..


adgorn said...

I love these old bridges too. They are well documented at historicbridges.org. See:


for info on this bridge.


Jyoti said...

Thanks, as always Alan..

I did see that site, but could not find much on this particular bridge. Maybe I missed something.

adgorn said...

Did you put the full link in your browser? It takes you right to the page on this bridge.


Or let's see if this html works:
18th St Bridge info


Jyoti said...

Thanks Alan!

gusDon said...

whether this is already built? very good!
view it would need good preparation, my friend also likes the design, they are very expert in this kind of work and his work is often used here ... like this!

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