Monday, June 21, 2010

AIC: freizes [South Facade]

Freizes on the south facade of the AIC building..
By Philip Martiny..
Are these symbolic or just decorative??
Any information on these freizes are WELCOME!!!
Below are details from left to right..
Click on any image for an enlarged view..
And please do not use these images without written permission..

For more on.. [click on the link]..
The Art Institute of Chicago...

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These bas reliefs depict the pan-athenaic procession sculpted by Pheidias to decorate the frieze of the naos at Athens' Parthenon. The work in Chicago -- taken from plaster casts of the "Elgin Marbles" was executed by Philip Martiny who enlarged the work (nearly twice the size of the original) and (creatively) filled in missing detail. The panels are installed (some randomly, others used twice) to create separate vignettes. The originals formed two massive processions.

You asked.... :-) Thanks again for the Hernriquez credit.

Jyoti said...

Thanks Gregory!
Nothing like these buildings with details in every corner. Fun to know the history of these..
Yes, I did ask..
And Thanks again!