Monday, June 21, 2010

AIC: Freizes and Sculptural Ornamentation..

Art Institute of Chicago..
Freizes and Sculptural ornamentation..
Freizes are by Philip Martiny..
The question is.. Are they symbolic?
If yes, what do they represent?


adgorn said...

Was able to find out from another old Trib article that these are representations of friezes that are on the Parthenon in Greece.

Wikipedia has a good article at:
Notice the photo about 1/3 of the way down of "Weavers section of the frieze, East VII, 49–56, Louvre, (MR 825)."

Also, Riedy's "Chicago Sculpture" has an interesting mention:
"Philip Martiny's not-too-faithful copy of the Parthenon processional frieze - a rather common decorative detail on late nineteenth and early twentieth century civic buildings and museums in this country appears on the front and sides of the Art Institute...Thirty years later (~1923) a part of the frieze was painted blue "as an experiment in giving a populace hardened to soot and grime something cheerful to look at."

Jyoti said...

Thanks Alan,
That's an interesting information.
Thanks for all your help..