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Graceland Cemetery

Tomb of Dr. Christopher D. Manuel....

Graceland Cemetery..
The final resting place of many who have written the story of Chicago.. Established in 1860, it covers 119 acres. It was designed by landscape architects O.C.Simmonds and H.W.S Cleveland,in Victorian-style with landscaped parks and memorial markers. Many of the cemetery's tombs are of great architectural or artistic interest. Particularly prominent is the Getty Tomb, which is now designated a Chicago Landmark. It was designed by Louis Sullivan, who also designed Martin Ryerson mausoleum and the Schoenhofen Pyramid Mausoleum. Sullivan himself is also buried here.

Walking through the cemetery one can pay respect to the pioneers, early settler, business leaders, civic planners, architects, politicians and other Chicago luminaries. Pioneers like Dexter Graves and John Kinzie .. business leaders like Potter Palmer, George Pullman, Cyrus Hall McCormick, Marshall Fields .. civic planners like Daniel Burnham ... world famous Chicago architects like John Root, William Holabird, Louis Sullivan, Howard Van Doren Shaw, William LeBaron Jenny, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe .. As many leading Chicago architects have their final resting place here, it is also called the "Cemetery of Architects"..

Dexter Graves [1789-1844]..
Hotel owner, early settler..
Lorado Taft created sculpture "Eternal Silence", in 1909..
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Victor F. Lawson [1850-1925]..
Newspaper publisher, owner of Chicago Daily News..
Lorado Taft created sculpture "Crusader", in 1931..
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Henry H. Getty [ 1837-1920]..
Lumber merchant..
Tomb was designed by Louis Sullivan in 1890, and is now a Chicago Landmark..
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Martin A Ryerson [1818-1887]..
Lumber merchant and developer..
Tomb was designed by Louis Sullivan, in 1889..
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Potter Palmer [1862-1902]..
Chicago developer and merchant..
Tomb was designed by McKim Mead and White in 1902..
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Henry H. Honore [1823-1916]..
Tomb was designed by McKim, Mead and White in 1906..
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William W. Kimball [1828-1904]
Piano manufacturer..
Tomb was designed by McKim Mead & White in 1905..
It was Stanford White's final design..Ref: Designslingers.. click here..
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Marshall Field [1835-1906]
Founder of retailing empire Marshall Field's & Co.
Tomb was designed by Henry Bacon and Daniel Chester French in 1906..
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Graceland Cemetery is also called the "Cemetery of Architects"... as it is the final resting place of many leading Chicago architects ..
- Louis Sullivan [1856 -1924]
- John Root [1850 –1891]
- Daniel Burnham [1846 - 1912]
- Howard Van Doren Shaw [1868 - 1926]
- Ludwig Mies van der Rohe [1886 -1969]
- Fazlur Khan [1929 – 1982]
- William Le Baron Jenney [1832 - 1907]
- Dwight Heald Perkins [1867 -1941]
- Bruce Goff [1904 -1982]

Louis H. Sullivan [1856-1924]..
Tomb designed by Tallmadge, Watson, 1924..
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Daniel Burnham [1846-1912]..
Architect, city-palnner, Columbian Exposition [1893], Plan of Chicago [1909]..
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John W. Root [1850-1891]
Architect, famous partnership with Daniel Burnham in architectural firm Burnham & Root..
Tomb designed by Burnham & Root, Atwood, Wegman..
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Howard Van Doren Shaw [1868-1926]..
Architect of many Chicago buildings..
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Ludwig Mies van der Rohe [1886-1906]..
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Dr. Christopher D. Manuel..

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