Friday, November 13, 2009

Bryn Mawr Historic District

It was to see this mural "Growing 2008", that I took a trip to Bryn Mawr. I had no idea of it's "Historic District" status. However, the moment I got down from the CTA Red Line, I liked the place, especially it's small town feel. I took a lot of pictures of the mural, for which I was there and then a few pictures of some of the buildings that I liked. Coming back home I made a Google search of the place and found some interesting information..

Bryn Mawr Historic District
Wikipedia explains that Bryn Mawr is the Welsh for Big Hill.
Location: It extends along Bryn Mawr Avenue between Broadway Avenue and Sheridan Road ..
In 1995, it was declared a "Historic District" by the Chicago City Council due to the presence of several Chicago Landmark sites. [I dont know how far the use of the word "several" is justified, since I know of only two buildings designated as Chicago Landmarks] ..

View from the Bryn Mawr Avenue, from CTA Station [Red Line - Bryn Mawr]..

View from the Bryn Mawr Avenue from the CTA Station [Red Line - Bryn Mawr].. looking west ..

Belle Shore Apartment Hotel

Bryn Mawr Apartment Hotel

Both the Belle Shore Apartment Building and the Bryn Mawr Apartment Building have been
- Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1995, and
- Designated as Chicago Landmarks on January 20, 1999.
For more .. click here ..

Edgewater Presbyterian Church ..

Manor House..
Location: 1021-29 W Bryn Mawr
Completed: 1908
Designed by John Edmund Oldaker Pridmore
The building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1987.
It was also included as a part of the Bryn Mawr Historic District, which was added to the NRHP in 1995.

Redtwist Theater..

Illinois Akido Club Building..
Address: 1101-1105 W Bryn Mawr Avenue
Architect: Raymond Gregori
Completed: 1927
This three-story Byzantine Gothic building is constructed of red brick with white terra-cotta details.It has mansard red tile roof. The Akido Club replaced the earlier Guild Hall building, Edgewater's First Community Center, designed by architect Joseph L. Sillsbee in 1886. The Hall housed Cochran's real estate office, the first business to locate on Bryn Mawr.

Bryn Mawr Cafe..
Location: 5547 N Kenmore Avenue ..

Buildings I missed taking images of ..
# The Bryn Mawr Theater
# The Stoyas Building
# Edgewater Beach Apartments ..

# Bryn Mawr Historic District..
# Belle Shore & Bryn Mawr Apartment Buildings..
# Edgewater Presbyterian Church..


Anonymous said...

That is NOT a Metra Station. That is a CTA Redline Station called Bryn Mawr.

Jyoti said...

Yeah Cassidy! You are so right!
It's got to be CTA. Wonder what was I thinking?
Thank You!!!

Anonymous said...

I love my city who wants to hang out and see more historic places

Kelly Colwell said...

Thank you for the memories. We moved to this historic area in 1965. We lived at 5555 N. Kenmore, until we moved into the Bryn Mawr Hotel in the late 60's. Mr. Ellison was the manager there. We lived on the 7th then 3rd floors. My mom worked downstairs at Eaton's restaurant. We went to Edgewater Presbyterian church every Sunday along with HUNDREDS of other kids. That was the church I got married in, in 1980. Oh..what memories. Thank you!