Thursday, December 25, 2008

Lake Point Tower

Completed: 1968 [ Was the heighest apartment building in the world at that time]..

Height: 645 feet..

Designers: John Heinrich and George Schipporeit of the Schipporeit and Heinrich firm. They were students of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe ...

The building's curves were calculated so residents cannot see into each other's windows. The three arms are equally spaced at 120 degree angles.

Pioneered the concept of the "Park in the City" being the first such residential complex in a major city to have a two and one half acre park, a duck pond, and waterfalls three stories above ground. The building also features an assortment of shops and restaurants on the second and ground levels of the complex, under the third floor park.

Landscape architect Alfred Caldwell designed gardens for the entire roof of the pedestal, but the small section east of the tower was never developed.

Lake Point Tower is the only tall building in Chicago east of Lake Shore Drive; a city ordinance prohibits construction of any others. Harbor Point and Outer Drive East were also east of the Drive before the highway was shifted eastward.

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