Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Astor Street District [James Charnley House]

James Charney House..
Address: 1365 N. Astor St.
Year Built: 1891
Architect: Adler & Sullivan, with Frank Lloyd Wright ..
Date Designated a Chicago Landmark: August 20, 1972 ..

This collaboration of two of the world's most-famous architects combines the geometry, massing, and detailing of a mature Louis Sullivan with the earliest hint of Frank Lloyd Wright's Prairie-style planning and design. A compact urban townhouse that takes maximum advantage of its small city lot, it was built for James Charnley, a Chicago lumber dealer.

Wright later proclaimed it as "the first modern house."

It is located in the Astor Street District.For more on Astor Street District, click here.
REF: Chicago Landmarks: Charney House..

" James Charney House
has been designated a
National Historic Landmark
This home, designed in 1891 by Louis Sullivan and Frank Llyod Wright, is an important work in the development of modern residential architecture and possess national significance in commemorating the history of the United States of America.
National Park Service
United States Department of the Interior."

" Charnley Persky House
1365 North Astor
Headquarters of the
Society of Architectural Historians"

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Bob Segal said...

Thanks for the Charnley House info. I just walked by there and "discovered" it a couple of weeks ago. I posted a few photo's of it on my Flickr site: The signs says they offer tours on Wed and Sat (the one on Wed is free!).

-- Bob

Anonymous said...

My Aunt owned and resided in Charnley House in the 1960's-'70's (not sure of the exact years). I'd love to see a history of the owners, to pinpoint exactly when it was I had Thanksgiving there as a child. :-)